Monday, February 27, 2012


Today was the day my chicks were supposed to come in. Today I was to be a mother. A mother chicken, but still. I have a box with wood shavings and a heat lamp. I have feeders and waterers and a gallon of chick gatorade in my fridge with yogurt ready to be mixed in. I was going to colonize their digestive tracts with good bacteria!!! They did not come in today, and it's all your fault. If you would have just forgotten about this post on the stinkin' sourdough starter, we could have moved on to posts full of cute chick pictures. You could be basking in their downy fluff right now, but instead you're going to read about bad sourdough starter and YOU'RE GOING TO ENJOY IT!

I was not kind to this starter. I was gone for 5 days in the middle of it's life and I only fed it once. But at the end of 2 weeks, it was not moldy or smelly. In fact, it smelled kind of good. Not as yeasty as starter that I used real yeast with, but still fragrant.

I used the entire jar of starter. To that I mixed 2 cups of flour,

about 2 tablespoons of olive oil,

and about this much salt and garlic powder.

I plopped it on the lightly floured table and gently kneeded for a few minutes.

I formed it into a ball and greased the bowl. This is the size of the dough before rising.

After a 2 hour covered rest in a sunny spot, it rose this much.

So not at all.

But I was not to be swayed easily. I was 2 weeks down this trail and I was trekking on! I rolled out the dough and transferred it to a pizza pan. (I sooo, wish I had a pizza stone.) (I sooo just added a pizza stone to my Amazon wish list.)

This was prebaked at 350 (350 for a chewier crust. 450 for 4 or 5 minutes for a crispy one.) for about 8 minutes before adding the toppings.

We had leftover roasted chicken, so this is a chicken, mushroom, and caramelized onion pizza.

And the pizza was AMAZING! But the crust was eh. It was bland and the texture was fine. But the chicken and onions were delicious. Even my husband said so. Without me pestering him to complement me on my food. I pester him a lot.

I so wish I had chicks right now. I'm going to go make mac and cheese.

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  1. Can't wait to see your cute chick photos!

    I'm so over sourdough starter. I just don't have the time to feed it and use it every weekend. Good thing I don't have a kid... ;)