Monday, December 19, 2011

Misery loves company

God I hate blog posts that doesn't have pictures. That and people who blog recipes that aren't their own. So I'm writing this post as part of my home therapy. I'm fighting an overall sense of depression, god I just want to crawl under something and never come out again, tonight. Here is my self prescribed therapy list. 1 take super long nap with face completely under quilt. 2 bake bread (this always helps, so I know I'm screwed today) 3 run away to a very foamy bubble bath with large glass of wine. 4 sit alone in dark bedroom. 5 bitch on blog. I've made it to step five as you can see.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making my ancestors proud

Get ready to dish out some sympathy for me. This week at work I fell down one step. I thought I was on the bottom and I guess I had one step to go. Somehow I magically sprained both of my ankles. Or rather my left foot and my right ankle. Left foot was so bad the doctor told me not to put any weight on it until he rechecks me on Wednesday. I'm not really following that advice... Still, I've spent the past three days on the couch elevating and icing my feet. One of my good friends pointed out that this was not the kind of accident that happens in real life, it's the kind that happens in a horrible teenage drama movie. I mean, really both feet?

And yet, we needed bread. So I hiked up my pajama pants, limped into the kitchen, and started a loaf of bread. Boo yeah! That's the kind of badass shit our pioneer ancestors used to do. Minny broke her arm because Pa decided to ford the river instead of paying for the ferry and then the next day she was up kneading bread.

I should be honest and confess that this had nothing to do with being a stronger person or providing for my family or the joy of being in the kitchen... I have some work to do, that I could actually do from the couch, that I'm avoiding. Procrastination is a huge motivator.

I do have an actual post planned, but it's the kind that involves me doing some dishes and since I can't reach the bottom shelf of the dishwasher on my crutches, y'all will just have to wait.

Sigh. Back to work.