Monday, January 10, 2011

One for the kiddies

Once upon a time there was a frog. He wanted to be a prince so badly. He knew all it would take was one kiss from the princess, and so many frogs were getting kissed these days. He knew he would never join their ranks. You see, our poor protagonist was bald. And what self-respecting princess would kiss a frog with no hair? But our bald frog was no dummy. He knew that hair didn't have to be grown. Hair could be bought. So he traveled the far and wide looking for the best wig maker in the kingdom. After many months of searching, he came upon a fellow that could make wigs for the largest melon or smallest pea, and since he was a frog he knew he needed someone with this talent. When the wig maker was finished, he had the most ravishing head of hair that money could buy. And let me tell you, not only was that frog kissed by a princess, he was kissed by twenty. But to his surprise, frogs don't actually turn into princes when they're kissed. That's just a story.

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