Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My big day.

So today I quit my job. I've known since November that I was going to try for another job, but I just now talked to my boss. Because I am a special education teacher, I have to follow through on my contract which says I will work until about June (or whenever the snow days wear off). I told my principal today because I didn't want to start applying for jobs and have my boss find out when a potential employer contacted her.

My boss was very supportive. She understood why I was leaving. Except that I lied to her. I didn't say it was because I can't stand to work with my co-workers for another day. As a sped. teacher, I'm sick of being treated as an inferior human being. Because only "dummys" can teach kids with disabilities.

Anyway, after my announcement this morning, I realized this evening, I DON'T HAVE A JOB NEXT YEAR! Honestly, I always knew this was coming. I just thought I'd have a job before I cut myself off from the one I have. I really, truly believe it's for the best. I can't work here anymore. The stress of being a special education teacher is not worth the monetary compensation I get. The summers are nice, REALLY NICE, but 9 months out of the year I feel like butt. And don't get me wrong. This stress has NOTHING to do with the kids. I love my students. Each and everyone of my students. They are good kids. But the adults I work with see me as an inferior person. They don't value my intelligence or my input. I feel like I've spent the last three years fighting my co-workers and fighting the system for what's right for my kids. And three years of constant fighting wears one out. Three years of being spoken to like I'm a moron wears one out. And you know what, I am smart!

But apparently, not smart enough to not quit my job before I had another one. I know a lot of people are looking for jobs in this economy, and they probably think I'm throwing away my something very valuable. Understand, I don't place no value on my livelihood. I just don't think it's valuable enough to balance out the misery I'm constantly living in during the school year.

But you're not judging me. You're not even reading this.


  1. I did this last year... call me if you need anything...