Thursday, October 24, 2013


The house smells like pumpkin! I've been puttin' by extra produce for the coming winter. Organic sugar pumpkins were $0.99 a lb at the grocery store, so I picked up four. We also had our first hard frost this week, so all of the extra peppers, tomatoes, and herbs from the garden got brought inside. We've been slowly chopping and freezing the extra peppers. I'm getting ready to can green tomato mince meat tomorrow.  Here are some pictures from around the house and yard. 

Pumpkin ready for the deep freezer.

Hot peppers dehydrating

The strawberries decided it was a good time to bloom and fruit. 

Some late flowers for bees and butterflies

Our new cold frame. Closer to the house where Sirius can't sit on and break it.

Kale, chard, and lettuce greens

Free ranging

Cleaning up any bugs and leftovers in the garden.

Hollyhock that survived the frost.

Also, I just updated my post on crockpot oatmeal!

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